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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Covering a broad range of topics for Business Development, Personal Development, Health and Wellbeing.

The Change Space are excited to bring you industry experts from our community to share their knowledge through webinars, workshops and events. A broad range of topics are covered, including organisational change, various business topics, neuroscience and mindset, business strategy, happiness, health & wellbeing plus much more! 

Change Management

Rockin' a Change Impact Assessment

Wed. 21 August 2019

Join Caroline Mills for breakfast.

Change Management

Case Study: Casey Council - 'Simply Brilliant'

Wed. 4 September 2019

How to create an internal brand to ignite your culture, achieve a mindset shift and support new ways of working.

Change Management

Agile Case Study - ANZ

Wed. 18 September 2019

Come along and hear from Senior Change Practitioners who are working in key roles as part of ANZ's Agile Transformation.

Change Management

Rockin' a Change Impact Assessment

Wed. 2 October 2019

Join Catherine Heffernan for breakfast.


Digital Communications

Wed. 16 October 2019

Join Tracey Penington as she discusses digital communications and learning approaches.

Change Management

Completing a Stakeholder Matrix

Wed. 6 November 2019

Join Caroline Mills for breakfast!


Enhance your Communications further using more Design Principles

Wed. 13 November 2019

Want to know how to create stronger communications that stand out?

Change Management

Lean Coffee Catch Up

Wed. 11 December 2019

As Jim Benson (co-creator of Lean Coffee) says Agendas are so 20th Century so get with the program and give Lean Coffee a whirl.